53 Leads in 30 Days

Waterdogs K9 Center - Barrie,ON

Waterdogs K9 Center is a dog training service with structured social sessions (daycare), expert custom training, obedience and behaviour modification programs, private grooming appointments and is Barrie's ONLY Certified Hydrotherapist. They also offer education, training, balance, structure, fitness and socialization in every visit. Overall, they work with you and your dog to achieve a better relationship. Waterdogs K9 Center came to us to increase Brand Awareness, as well as generate sales through paid advertising promotions in Barrie, ON. With the help from Suits Social, they were able to generate 53 new leads in 3-4 weeks for only $6.50/lead!

The significance? One client to Waterdogs K9 Center is worth around $2,000!

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Their Goal:


Increase Local Brand Awareness

Increase Sales & Revenue

Our Solution:

Engage locally & increase campaign awareness

Suits Social developed and managed a social media ad strategy designed to increase Brand Awareness in the GTA area, while inspiring new sales through creating Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

Services Provided:

Social Media Advertising

The Results - 1 Month Snapshot


Facebook Impact

Since we signed with waterdogs k9 center, we were able to increase their Brand Awareness ad views from 0 - 41,664. (See results below)

 we have generated 53 leads at $6.53 Per Lead! If even half of All of the Leads are closed, This results in a estimated $52,000 in sales. Waterdogs K9 Center’s total spend was only $600 

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Ad Examples

We worked with Waterdogs K9 Center to create content that attracts their target market.

Here is an example of an ad we used to target dog owners who struggle with their dogs pulling on their leash. This was a teaching series of 2 other videos that showed owners how to deal with the difficulties that come with owning an un-trained dog. We also created an ad to tell “The Story of Jack”, a story about the transformation of one of her most vicious dogs at the time.

 With these ads, we aimed to give the audience a visual of the specific services Waterdogs K9 Center provides which were demonstrated by the owner, Janet Hanley.

We were then able to create a retargeting audience with this data and show lead gen ads to anyone who watched a certain percentage of this video.

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What Waterdogs K9 Center Said…

“Waiting for testimonial”

Visit Waterdogs K9 Center at: www.waterdogsk9center.com 


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