Office Space at Full Capacity in Only a Few Months!

SuiteWorks Business Centres - Barrie,ON

 6 Months after starting their campaign, SuiteWorks has filled every single office space, and their business has transformed! 

Not only have we built beautiful pages filled with quality content, we’ve significantly grown SuiteWorks' audience, increased engagement, and provided massive local reach. 

This has helped them to ultimately reach their goal of generating brand awareness and increasing profits.

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Their Goal:


Increase Sales & Revenue

Grow Online Community

Increase Customer Retention

Our Solution:

Engage locally with relevant content & Provide massive Local reach

Suits Social developed and managed a social media strategy designed to increase brand awareness, while inspiring repeat business through community building and great content.

This combined with real-time monitoring of customer comments and reviews, resulted in the creation of a powerful online community. Increasing word of mouth referrals, and repeat business.

Services Provided:

Social Media Management + Social Media Advertising + Media Production

The Results - 4 Month Snapshot


Social Media impact

Since we started working with SuiteWorks, we have increased their amount of Facebook clicks from 0 to 1,200 and social engagement substantially. 

This has created a conversion rate of over 75% with an average lifetime value of $5000.

We have also grown their following
across multiple channels:

Instagram from 0 - 300+
Facebook 0 - 248
Linkedin 0 - 57



Original Organic Content

We produce, edit, and share dozens of unique videos every month for SuiteWorks.

Here is an example of a series called “Ask Allison” where we interview their client care manager weekly (Clients love it and it adds personality to the brand).




What Our Client Said:

“We came to Suits Social with the goal of filling our office spaces. Our only issue right now is not having enough parking space for all of our new clients!”

-Kerri Diggle | Owner of SuiteWorks Business Centres

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We're Still Partners!

SuiteWorks continues to generate sales, increase their online presence, and consistently engage with the community about upcoming events and additional offerings they provide.   

Visit SuiteWorks Business Centres at:


You can download Suits Social's success report here: Download Now

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