37 Leads in One Month!

Empire property management - missisauga,ON

Empire Management is a property management company that specializes in working with Canadian investors. 

Not only have we built beautiful pages filled with quality content, we’ve significantly grown Empire Property Management's audience, increased engagement, and provided massive local reach to real estate agents, brokers, and investors. 

This has helped them to ultimately reach their goal of generating brand awareness and increasing profits.

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Their Goals:


Increase Sales & Revenue

Grow Online Community

Differentiate from Competitors 

Our Solution:

Engage locally with relevant content & Provide massive Local reach

Suits Social developed and managed a social media strategy designed to increase brand awareness and sales through Paid Social Media Ads and great content.

This combined with real-time monitoring of customer comments and reviews, resulted in the creation of a powerful online community. Increasing word of mouth referrals and sign ups for their exclusive "Agent Network".

Services Provided:

Social Media Management + Social Media Advertising + Media Production

The Results - 1 Month Snapshot


The impact

in one month, we generated 37 leads for only $10.34 per lead.


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Paid Social Media Ad 

We created many ads for Empire Property management.


This Facebook ad we created promoted Empire's Broker Network that real estate agents and brokers can join. 

We created the eye-catching graphics for this ad as well as a urging headline and copy that brokers and real estate agents would find intriguing.

By clicking "Learn More" the customer is taken to a form where they must fill out their name, number, and email to sign up.


This campaign generated 24 leads for only $7.61 per lead!


Agent Networking Ad.png

Organic Content


We produced, edited and shared dozens of content for Empire Management, including graphics, video, photos, and shared articles and statistics about real estate. 

This post we made showed a quote from a famous real estate investor (Warren Buffet) with a background of houses. This post reached 186 people in just under 2 weeks!

We worked with Empire Mangement's:

Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


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