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Carefree Boat Club- Barrie,ON

Carefree Boat Club came to us looking for a way to promote their membership program with paid campaigns. 

Suits Social was able to meet their needs and create ad campaigns. We’ve increased engagement and provided massive local reach. 

This has helped them to ultimately reach their goal of generating brand awareness and increasing profits.

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Their Goal:


Steady Flow of Leads for Monthly Membership Program

Our Solution:

Engage locally with relevant content & Provide massive Local reach

Suits Social developed and managed a social media strategy designed to increase brand awareness, while inspiring repeat business through community building and great content.

This combined with real-time monitoring of customer comments and reviews, resulted in the creation of a powerful online community. Increasing word of mouth referrals, and repeat business.

The Results - 4 Month Snapshot


Ad Performance

With this Facebook campaign, we generated 266 leads at $2.33 per lead for a total of approx. $640. 

For perspective, each new deal is worth $4800 per year at a minimum. Not bad right?


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What Our Client Said:

Darren and the Suits Social team delivered results above and beyond what we expected. We weren't really sure about social media, and we had a limited budget, but despite that they developed a campaign that provided a steady flow of leads, we’re so busy now that we were able to hire second sales person!”

-Steve Taylor | Owner


Look for New Carefree Boat Events!

Carefree Boat Club continuously hosts new and exciting events, make sure to visit their website for more information on their service offerings. 

Visit Carefree Boat Club at: www.carefreeboats.com



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