What Cyber Monday Can Do For Your Business

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Have you thought that Black Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year for consumers? Well, you’re wrong! In 2017 and 2018 Cyber Monday has surpassed Black Friday by billions of dollars and is the #1 consumer shopping day of the year! Have you planned for Cyber Monday in your marketing strategy for 2019? If not continue to read further for ways in which you can optimize this powerful shopping day into millions of dollars for your business!

History of Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was established in 2005 and people were able to access the deals through their 3G connection with either their Blackberry or T-Mobile Sidekick. The first year of sales for Cyber Monday resulted in $608 million in which quickly improved over the years due to technology evolving and people gaining access to the internet easily.


Due to online shopping, internet connections, security checkouts, and accessibility improvements throughout the world people began to shop online more throughout Cyber Monday compared to in-store on Black Friday. Society began to trust these systems further and liked the convenience of shopping in their house opposed to traveling to the mall on chaotic Black Friday events. Which has led Cyber Monday to generate $7.8 billion dollars last year!

Facts about Cyber Monday

You might ask yourself how this phenomenon has evolved into a massive worldwide event? Due to the rise in technology, it aided Cyber Monday to excel. Nearly a third of Cyber Monday sales take place on mobile devices and are marketed through e-mail ads. Ask yourself if you know a person who does not own a cellphone?


There is probably a very low percentile in which people do not own a cellphone in which leads you to think that mobile marketing is a huge opportunity for your business. 26 countries across the world are accessing Cyber Monday deals through their mobile devices. So when you are evaluating your marketing campaigns marketers need to shift their focus on Black Friday to Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday is representing a LARGE cultural shift in society, where Black Friday conforms to traditional window shopping. E-commerce sales will increase over the next couple of years so think of new and fresh (Cyber Monday) tactics for your business as opposed to old and dull ideas (Black Friday).

Tips to Optimize your Cyber Monday Holiday Strategy

  1. Plan early (as early as August before Cyber Monday)

    • The earlier you have to create a Cyber Monday holiday campaign the more time you have for personalization for your consumers.

  2. Post informational content (before Cyber Monday)

    • Create content before your Cyber Monday campaign such as; blogs, Instagram posts, podcasts, tutorials, etc to engage with your consumers and create a sense of trust in your brand/ desire to buy in the near future.

  3. Segment your subscriber list & create personalized campaigns

    • Consumers are looking for personalized content to be sent to them, when the content sent to them is not relevant to their needs they lose interest in the brand. Breakdown your segments into groups such as; loyal customers, location/time-zone, gender, parental status, job role, behaviors, shopping habits, interests, etc.

  4. Automate your promotions

    • Automating your ads throughout your Cyber Monday strategy allows your campaign to be stressless and focus on all other aspects of the campaign.

  5. Create interactive media and content

    • One-third of ads promoted through Cyber Monday are videos. Videos make consumers more engaged with your content and memorable to them.

  6. Optimize your landing pages & website

    • Your landing pages should match the tone that you’re sending out to your customers through e-mail. These landing pages should be quick and easy to navigate or else you will lose the interest of consumers pretty quickly.

  7. Run A/B Tests

    • These tests give you the ability to know if your ads subject lines, copy, images, colors, themes, promotions, products, etc are performing well. If they are not you have the ability to turn them off or adjust them to have higher results.


Overall Cyber Monday is one of the most crucial shopping days throughout the year and should be the highlight of your marketing objectives for your business. By using the steps listed above you will be able to generate a higher volume of revenue than last year for your business!