5 Strategies to Prepare Your Business for the Holiday Rush

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The holiday season is one in which many businesses rely on to make their year-end goals! This time of the year brings many opportunities to boost revenue through high spending trends. Is your business looking to end your 2019 year on a high-profit margin, beat your competition and capitalize on the holidays? Here are 5 major tips to ensure you have solid social media strategies to leverage this year’s holiday season!

  1. Plan in Advance


The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year and one of the main priorities for businesses throughout this time is customer service. This is where a business can gain a new client for the upcoming year. This leaves little time to maintain or create a social media marketing campaign. It is crucial you have your holiday social media marketing campaign planned well before the holiday season. If you have not started planning or executing a holiday social media marketing campaign I highly suggest you choose your strongest social media employee to plan, schedule and create the content you want to go out for the holiday season. This employee then can monitor it throughout the month to ensure everything is running smoothly.

A great tool to use to help you plan out your holiday social media marketing campaign would be a scheduler. There are many different programs online that allow you to plan your content for the month, schedule them on multiple platforms at once and set a specific date and time in the future you wish for them to be published.

2. Sponsor Content

The average shopper online clicks on sponsored ads about 10x per month. Sponsored ads are a great investment to businesses. Many different social media platforms allow you to pick specific qualities of a shopper such as; demographics, age, trends, etc. This results in the ability to market specifically to your target market in your industry, which in turn increases the ability to gain leads for the holiday season.


There are many ways in which you can use sponsored ads for your social media marketing campaigns this holiday season. One way in which you can sponsor your ad is to boost it. This creates much engagement online through many social channels and allows your business to create awareness of your brand throughout the holiday season. Another way in which you can sponsor your ad is to target specific people that are already invested in your brand and nurture their shopping trends. Both ways in which you can sponsor allow you to gain new customers and retain current customers.

3. Brand Representation

Make sure throughout this holiday season your brand is visible throughout all social media marketing content. There are many businesses competing throughout this time of the year and a consumer can get confused with the brand they are seeing due to the high influx of material that is being sent to them.

You want to make sure each social media content published is well defined by your company. You need to create a sense of familiarity amongst your consumers. To create a consistent brand representation throughout the holiday season make sure you are posting to many social media channels at once, have your correct business colors presented, and logo placement is in a visible and consistent place.

Having your brand stand out amongst your competitors is crucial throughout the holiday season!

4. Engage, Engage, Engage

Responding to all your followers on your social media platforms is crucial to retaining and keeping the momentum of your social media marketing holiday campaign successful. Now that you have planned, created awareness and made your brand stand out amongst your competitors you need to engage with the following base of your business.

Maximizing the followers that have stayed with you throughout the holiday season will ensure they are loyal to your brand in the coming year. Showing them that your brand cares about followers will, later on, help you convert them into buyers.

Engaging with your social media following should be quick and personable. By engaging with your followers it also gives you insight into what is working for your brand and what needs to be reevaluated. Maybe a follower is interested in your product but communicates with you it is too expensive. Having that knowledge you can, later on, create a sale tailored to their needs for boxing day and possibly have a greater chance at converting that potential customer into a buyer.


5. Host Giveaways & Contests

Giveaways and contests are the best means to increasing your social media platforms. They allow our business to have a higher engagement rate, increase in followers, larger e-mail lists and awareness throughout many different channels.

They truly are the centrepiece for social media marketing holiday campaigns. In order for your giveaways and contests to be successful you need to make it worth while for your followers to take part it in by offering an amazing prize or offer. It also needs to be easy to participate, if not many will opt out due to the complexity of the competition. Lastly it needs to be relevant to your business and the time of the year you are hosting it.


By implementing all of the 5 strategies to prepare your business for the holiday rush it will ensure you get a greater following base for your social media channels, an increase of leads and a higher rate of sales then the following year! Now go out and dominate this holiday season for your business!