Social Domination

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Copy of Copy of Social Growth - BASIC.png

Social Domination

3,800.00 every month

Management of ad budgets between $10K-$20K per month. Includes custom strategy development, campaign management, 24/7 access to your own custom analytics dashboard, automated reporting, and a dedicated executive account manager.

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Who’s This For?

This package is perfect for the small business looking to get started with Facebook & Instagram advertising. You have a product or service to sell, and a brand to build!

How It Works (Our Process)

Our goal is to build a profitable online marketing funnel using Facebook & Instagram ads. This funnel will build awareness, generate leads/grow your list, and ultimately drive predictable cost-effective sales for your business. 

We do this by getting your content in front of a highly targeted group of customers, getting them to engage, and then using Facebook’s advanced “AI” systems to re-target customers likely to buy, as well as find new ones who most closely resemble your best customer based on their buying habits.

In short… we’re going to build you a marketing engine that works 24/7/365 to build your brand, attract new customers, and put more money in your pocket on complete autopilot. Just meet with our team once a month for an hour and leave the rest to us!

Once you decided to move forward with Suits Social, here are the steps we’ll take to get things up and running as quickly as possible:

Step 1: After undergoing a thorough discovery session, we’ll develop a custom social media advertising strategy for your business.

Step 2: Once we’ve reviewed the strategy with you and received your approval we’ll get started building your ad campaigns right away. We typically build several campaigns that work together to build local awareness, generate leads, and drive sales all at the same time. It normally takes us 1-2 weeks to get your ads fully up and running, you’ll get the final approval before we flip the switch.

Step 3: Once your ad campaigns are up and running, we monitor and optimize them daily. That means we’ll tweak copy, split test new headlines, and constantly update creatives and media as needed. Most importantly, we’re constantly building and targeting new custom audiences to increase the performance of your campaigns.

Step 4: You will recieve access to your own private analytics dashboard to monitor results 24/7 in realtime, as well as weekly analytics reports, and a monthly strategy meeting with our team.

Step 5: Every quarter you will meet with our team for a quarterly performance review and strategy session to plan for the next quarter. At that point, we’ll develop a new strategy and repeat the process listed above.

What’s Included in the monthly retainer?

The monthly retainer covers the cost of the strategy (brain power), the building of the campaign, daily optimization, and any creative elements required such as graphics and copy. Not to mention all associated software required to manage your campaigns, 24/7 realtime analytics via your own custom dashboard, a private WhatsApp chat with our team, and a dedicated account manager available for support during regular business hours.

Social Domination Includes:

{Monthly Advertising Budget Of $10K-$20K}

  1. Social Media Strategy Development

    1. Detailed social media strategy, and plan of action which will be reviewed and refreshed quarterly.

  2. Facebook & Instagram Advertising Funnel | Optimized Daily

    1. Results-Oriented Branding Campaign (Top of funnel - Awareness)

      • ‘If they don’t know you, they can’t buy from you.” The foundation of any good advertising campaign, this is how we manufacture “celebrity” around your business and brand. While collecting endless amounts of data and building warm re-targeting audiences to sell your products/services to.

    2. Targeted Lead-Gen Campaign (Middle of funnel - Consideration)

      • Building a list of names, emails and phone numbers of customers who are ready to purchase, book an appointment, claim an offer, etc. This is what we call “filling your pipeline”, and we’ll use a variety of advanced targeting, and advertising techniques to generate a constant stream of new leads/prospects for your business.

    3. Sales & Conversion Campaign (Bottom of the funnel - Purchase Decision)

      • This is where we turn clicks into customers and attention into dollars. We leverage programmatic and dynamic retargeting campaigns to target and convert the most qualified prospects. Using a variety of creative elements and highly refined

  3. Google AdWords Retargeting Campaign

    • Includes setup of new account if needed, analytics tag integration, copywriting, and custom creatives for display ads.

    • The campaign will perfectly complement our other social media advertising initiatives. We will retarget website traffic generated from our Facebook & Instagram ads, with the goal of increasing total conversions with direct calls to action that follow your prospects around the internet as they browse.

  4. Graphic Design, Video Editing, and Photo Editing

    • As needed for campaigns.

  5. Sales Copywriting For Ads & Landing Pages.

    • As needed for campaigns.

  6. Dedicated Executive Account Manager & Marketing Manager

  7. Private group chat via WhatsApp for real-time support during office hours

  8. Custom weekly Analytics Report

    • Custom PDF report with up to date weekly analytics outlining the performance of your campaigns.

  9. Monthly Performance Review

    • Phone or Video Conference based on your preference and availability.

  10. Invitation To Exclusive VIP Client Events (Available to “Social Domination” level clients or higher.)

    • Includes events such as private wine and scotch tastings, networking dinners in Toronto, Mastermind retreats (Hosted on resorts, boats, and other exclusive locations), and other social events and opportunities.

  11. Quarterly Report & Strategy Meeting

    • Video Conference or in-person meeting based on your preference and availability.

  12. Training & Coaching - Bonus ($1500 Value)

    1. Unlimited access to our online social media training academy for you or your team (

      • 25+ hours of social media training content for you and your team to assist with any efforts managed in house. 

      • Includes 2 hours of coaching for any members of your management staff or marketing team.

BONUS: 25% OFF All Add-On Services

  • Add-On Services Include - Social media management, video production, landing pages, email marketing, etc.

  • Please inquire to learn more about our available add-on services.

Our Guarantee

If for whatever reason you’re not happy with the level of service provided, or we don’t meet your expectations for any reason, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. We’re only happy if you’re happy!

What’s Not Included?

Your ad budget on Facebook & Instagram is not included in your retainer. We recommend a monthly budget of $1000 to $4000 to start. This can be increased as you see an ROI over time and want to increase your results.

Next Steps

Within 24 hours of signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email with the next steps and on-boarding instructions from your account manager. You’ll complete all the required documentation, and we’ll schedule a welcome call to get started.